What is Halal for us?

(a) Slaughter person must be a Muslim

(b) Prior to slaughter a Muslim slaughter person must cite the name of Allah upon the animal to be slaughtered by reciting “Bismillahi Allahu Akbar”

(c )There should not be a delay in slaughter after recital

(d) Extremely sharp knife must be used so animal suffers smallest amount of pain

(e) Slaughter must be conducted swiftly and manually (by hand), cut should be below Adam’s apple and knife should not be lifted before cut is complete

(f) Slaughter person must sever following arteries, Windpipe (Trachea), Gullet (Esophagus), Both Jugular Veins


Why machine slaughter is not Halal?

Machine does not slaughter all the birds at once; instead machine (blade) cuts birds one after the other. Now if a Muslim cites name of Allah and turns on the machine, the first bird might be Halal but rest of the birds will not be Halal, as it is the condition that each animal or bird individually has the same of Allah pronounced over it. Thus, we do not endorse or sell machine-slaughtered meat.

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